About us

Give Value

This is a simple phrase that I try to live by in my daily life and also instill into this company.  My name is Victor Alvarado.  Welcome to our store!

We are a company that provides wedding rings made of silicone rubber.  Our rings are for you to wear in exchange of your real wedding rings while you are living your active life.  We want you to not have to worry about scratching, losing or damaging your real ring!  The last thing you should worry about is devaluing or completely losing your precious wedding band while you are going to the gym, working in the yard, kayaking and hiking in the outdoors, or any other activity that involves damaging or losing your ring.

My wife and I came up with this idea after realizing that we never wore our wedding rings to the gym.  We always wanted something on our ring finger to symbolize our marriage without having to worry about losing or destroying our real wedding rings.  We realized that many people can use this for many different reasons.  Thus Active Rings was born.

We want to give you the comfort and peace of mind of knowing your precious wedding rings are safe and sound while you are out and about in your active life.

Please enjoy your visit with us.